New State Analysis Shows Banneker High School Has “Beaten the Odds”

Banneker Students with Principal Dr. Duke Bradley

Recently, the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement released the list of schools across the state of Georgia who have “Beaten the Odds” – and for the first time, Banneker High School has made that list. Beating the Odds is a calculation that signifies whether a school’s overall academic performance was higher than other schools across the state with similar demographics. The measure used for this determination is the state’s College and Career Readiness Performance Index (CCRPI). Schools that perform higher than similar schools are considered “Beating the Odds.”

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Banneker’s Performance in Context

Banneker was one of only 4 Fulton County High Schools to make the list in 2018. The others include North Springs High School, Westlake High School, and Roswell High School – each well established and widely known for their outstanding academic reputations.

There is also real irony in our Beating the Odds designation. Just three years ago, Banneker was identified as being among the lowest 5% of schools in the state with similar demographics. Today, we are among the highest performing in that group – and the good news is that we are only getting stronger. In fact, here is a quick summary of our school-wide achievements since engaging in the process of school transformation in 2015.


  • Awarded the Federal School Improvement Grant at $5.4M dollars (SY ’16-’17)
    Exited from the state’s failing schools list through increased CCRPI ratings (SY ’16-’17)
  • Increased graduation rate by 26 percentage points over 4 year span – highest rate of growth among Fulton County Schools 15 traditional high schools
  • Reduced the school vs. state graduation rate gap by 25% over 4-year span
  • Increased CCRPI rating by 21 points over 4-year span
  • Produced growth in 7 of 8 Milestones tested subject areas, with no performance regression (SY ’17-’18)
  • Named an AP STEM Honors School by the Georgia State Department of Education (SY ’17-’18)
  • Implemented new academic programming through comprehensive school redesign; 6 new AP course offerings and 5 new career pathways
  • Launched STEM Academy and Workforce Development Program
  • Produced 10% point gains on major college admissions exams; ACT and SAT (SY ’17-’18)
  • Launched the Banneker High School Student and Family Engagement Center (state exemplar) (SY ’18-’19)
  • Named a ‘Beating the Odds’ School (SY ’18-’19)

Banneker’s process of improvement has been truly remarkable, however, the people who are to be credited for these accomplishments are our amazing faculty and staff. Banneker has the very best corps of educators around – all of whom are deeply committed to the noble and redeeming work of school turnaround. I am incredibly proud to partner with them to do this work, and I look forward to our school’s continued success.

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