Solutions Teams: Increasing Staff Engagement As a Mechanism for Heightened Productivity

Over the past 4 years, Banneker High School has been engaged in a comprehensive school turnaround process.  During that span of time, we have deployed a strategy intent on producing a very specific result: improved student performance.  Having been designated as one of the state’s lowest performing schools in 2015, we knew that our work needed to center on getting stronger in Georgia’s 8 mandatory high school tested subject areas.

Our strategy for immediate improvement was simple.  We implemented a framework that activated systems of support, training and accountability to improve instructional delivery.  There was other work, too – especially around school climate and culture. However, we believed that improving academic performance was most important.  To date, our strategy – though imperfect – has produced incredible results. Banneker is no longer on our state’s failing schools list and graduation rates have skyrocketed to the high 70’s, (a far cry from the years when our graduation rate was stuck in the low 40’s).  Additionally, we’ve seen significant increases in the number of ‘developing’, ‘proficient’, and ‘distinguished’ learners across all content areas – and our path for long-term success is now clear.

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