Banneker’s Graduation Rate Reaches Historic Milestone; More Work Remains

Banneker High School graduation rate reaches a milestone

Earlier today, graduation rates for the 2016-2017 school-year were released for all Georgia high schools.  With this announcement, we are reminded once more that our progress as a school is indiscriminately subject to public review and evaluation.  Without hesitation, we embrace this aspect of our work and will therefore continue to be transparent about our performance relative to critically important measures like graduation rates.

You may recall that last year, Banneker produced the highest graduation rate growth among all 16 traditional Fulton County High Schools.  In that same year, we successfully transitioned our largest graduating class in recent history, totaling over 230 students.  These results, considered together, represent a significant upwards shift in Banneker’s overall school performance.  Today, I am pleased to announce that our forward progress continues – and Banneker’s graduation rate now stands at 71.1%.

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