Banneker High School Awarded $1.2M for School Improvement – Will Focus on Workforce Readiness and STEM

Dr. Bradley and Fulton County district officials following Banneker's presentation to the GDOE's SIG selection committee

Dr. Bradley and Fulton County district officials following Banneker’s presentation to the GDOE’s SIG selection committee

Benjamin Banneker High School has a bright future…

A few years ago, that statement would have been dismissed as empty rhetoric – but there is now reason to believe in our plans for transformation.  Notwithstanding increased graduation rates, improved academic performance, substantial reductions in suspensions, and several other markers signifying that real and lasting change is afoot – we are truly well positioned to serve our students and community in a dramatically different way.

Recently, I was notified of our grant award.  The grant is renewable for 5 years, and when executed fully, we are expected to receive upwards of $5.4 million dollars to implement new academic programming and to dramatically overhaul the school’s current instructional design.  Banneker is one of five awardees for 2017 – selected among over 25 applicants from across the state of Georgia.

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